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  Government Bodies
  Oil and Gas Industry

Dataset Solutions serve a varied clientele throughout the world for the various services that we provide. We work directly with the end-client or companies already providing such services, looking for additional production support.
Our clientele is as diverse as their requirements. They range from utilities to local and central governments, forestry to insurance, health to real estate and hospitality sectors.
We have been successful in providing solutions to our customers in the following areas:

  • Government Bodies
  • Utilities
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Forestry
  • Transportation

Government Bodies

Governments often face challenges related to coordination, cost effectiveness, inter linkages, standardization, sharing of data, and coping with new demands and pressures from citizens.

Dataset Solutions has been delivering technology solutions to government organizations globally which facilitate efficiency, increased productivity, performance, transparency and deeper citizen interface through portals and online workflows incorporating built in processes, controls, programs and interfaces. Our highly cost-efficient and proven technology solutions help governments to readily locate, analyze, and exchange information between government organizations themselves and with citizens. Our solutions aid quick decision making which is facilitated by the analysis of the various data sources and business / logic rules provided in the systems, leading to increased efficiency and productivity at all levels.
We offer                             

  • Application design and development
  • Portal and website development
  • Geospatial data capture & maintenance
  • Aerial / LiDAR mapping solutions
  • Cadastral / Topographical mapping solutions.


Dataset Solutions brings extensive experience of services in the GIS Utilities vertical. We have aligned our services along with the changing business needs and infrastructural enhancements for better productivity and quality.
We have expertise in utilities and infrastructure domains with our unique approach adopting IT industry standards. We offer the following services

  • Telecommunications                     
  • Power / Electric network
  • Water and Sewerage
  • Pipeline and Gas
  • Road Infrastructure
  • Location based services

Oil and Gas Industry

Geospatial information has become the key to the interpretation and decision making process in the Oil and gas industry. From finding an apt location to drill a well to routing the pipelines from the exploration site to the refinery, a good comprehension of the geographic details becomes an essential part as intelligent business decisions heavily rely on these information.

Dataset Solution offers the most comprehensive and efficient software solutions to address your unique business needs. We have continuously aligned our software solutions with the latest technologies to successfully meet the needs of this industry. We have helped various leading Oil & Gas organizations to optimize and validate their data according to the industry standards and improved their potential for successful deliveries.


Our services include

  • Pipeline services
  • Production
  • Data Management
  • Facility Management
  • Application development & Customization
  • Corridor Mapping


Forest management in today's world is proving to be challenging task. Presently GIS technology is playing a vital role in Forestry Management. GIS technology offers details, which are helpful for forest vegetation, such as areas suitable for planting different trees, areas susceptible to soil erosion (landslides) and forest inventory.
Dataset Solutions provides agile and most reliable solutions to transform the way you do business. In an era of dramatic economic change and intensifying global competition, we equip foresters to better manage strategic planning, choosing harvesting sites, ensure environmental compliance,  improve road design and predict growth opportunities.


GIS is an important tool in managing, planning, evaluating and maintaining transportation systems. It can be used to calculate the number of residents, dwelling units, the shortest network path from a particular point to the bus stops, railway stations etc. GIS can be used for route planning and analysis, automatic vehicle location and tracking, rail system facility management, transportation planning and modeling etc.

Dataset Solutions has the experience in this industry and has delivered most powerful solutions for all transportation needs.  Our services include

  • Road Maps at city and country level
  • Creates Road Centerline Maps for state highway systems and local roads
  • Automated Vehicle Tracking System for fleet and logistics management including vehicle health management, trip details, and cargo details.
  • Development of road information management systems.
  • Online tracking of registered assets and management services, user administration, generation of bills etc
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