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3D Modeling

3D Models of architectural structures are very important in order to study, analyze, reconstruct and document them. 3D visualization has many applications in the areas of architecture, civil engineering, tourism etc. Photogrammetry is the measurement technology that can be used for the extraction of 3D points from images.

We offer 3D city modeling services using photogrammetric techniques. We have experienced and dedicated team which executed numerous 3D city modeling projects for Virtual Earth and City GML.

We are providing the following LIDAR services to our clients:
Bare earth classified digital terrain models
  • Contour Mapping
  • Lidargrammetry
  • Corridor Survey.
  • Volumetric Analysis.
  • Intensity images and contours generation.
  • Flood plane mapping (with 3D break lines).
  • Street 3D view extraction from Mobile lidar clouds.
  • Terrain extraction and Planimmetric feature classification.
  • Electric Tower Classification and Wire detection.
  • Generation of elevation profiles, Digital Surface Models (DSM) and Digital Terrain Models (DTM) as raster, TIN, contour or slope models.

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